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Oh, the places I'll go!

Just a quick goodbye from your Children's Librarian today - it's my last day of work! I'm moving home to Ontario tomorrow to find another public library job there, closer to my family. Thank you to all of you amazing kids, and you dedicated parents, who have come and enjoyed the library with me over the last 5 years. Seeing all of you get excited about books and stories and spending time together in the library has always put huge smiles on my face! :) I'll miss you, Prince George! With love, from Becky Stark

Roadtrips + books on CD = no more boredom!

Ahhh, long weekends! A great time for roadtrips, and I’m guessing some of you probably already went on your first roadtrip of the year this past weekend. To me, this always means it’s the season for Books on CD! What better way to make a long and boring car trip better than to listen to a great story with your family? Here are some of the newest and best stories on CD from the Junior collection. Just click on the title of the one you like best to see if it’s available.

Do you read “boy books” or “girl books”? How about just GOOD BOOKS!

backhoe cover.jpg eloise bawth cover.jpg

An article I read this week “On the rights of reading and girls and boys” really got me thinking about what we consider to be good books for boys and for girls. How early are we starting to teach segregated reading to our kids?

There’s always something new happening at the library!

jr pbks 2_0.JPGMany of the changes happening at the library you may have already noticed, like the construction of our Sky Lab or our new Adult Information Desk. But one thing you may NOT have noticed on the main floor is that we are starting to catalogue all of our paperback materials!

What does that mean? Well, it means 2 things...

Congrats to all our Red Cedar Readers!

march-april 222_0.jpg

This year's Battle of the Books was another great success, thanks to all of you!

I had the pleasure of helping host the Battle again this year, on Tuesday at Heather Park Elementary, and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated our Red Cedar readers are here in Prince George! Even though your teachers and school librarians were not allowed to help you practice during out-of-school hours this year, all of you did a great job of keeping up your reading at home and practicing together with your teammates. It was such a pleasure to see all of you so excited for this event and to hear about which books you loved best.

Well done, all of you, and a special congratulations to Van Bien Elementary, whose 2 teams came in 1st and 3rd, and to Southridge who finished 2nd.