Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada serves the priceless role of collecting Canadian documents and records for historical and research purposes - maps, written music, rare books, military service records, and more. It preserves the written heritage of Canada.

Library and Archives Canada is now in danger as its collections are being dispersed and its staff downsized. Its budget for acquiring new materials was frozen in 2009, and purchasing has not resumed, even though the freeze was lifted in January 2010.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has put together a public awareness campaign called Save Library and Archives Canada - to make the public aware of these changes, and to speak out against the slow dismantling of the written heritage of Canada.

If you'd like to find out more about the changes happening at LAC and what you can do about it, visit

Check here for more information about the campaign (PDF File).

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What Library and Archives Canada Means To Canada:


May 2012:  New details have to come to light regarding the extent of the massive cuts and closures happening at Library and Archives Canada, as well as many departmental government libraries and archives.  See the latest updates from the campaign here: HERE.

June 1, 2012:  Librarians at the annual conference of the Canadian Library Association are ordered *by the Executive Director of CLA* to be removed from the conference centre building after attempting to distribute information about the cuts at LAC to other librarians.  From the blog of unionized librarians at University of Ottawa:

June 6, 2012: "Why did Harper cut Canada's Library and Archives?" by Donald Gutstein, in The Tyee

June 7, 2012: "The wrecking of Canada's Library and Archives" by Myron Groover, in The Tyee

June 12, 2012: "Who will preserve the past for future generations?" by J. L. Granatstein, in the Globe and Mail